#003 Pillow

Man, how I was addicted
to all kinds of meds
I took dose after dose
and was hanging by the threads

Then, one dark winter,
after weeks of snow,
my ‘candy’ was disappearing
I was running pill-low

So I rested my head,
on my pillow, in bed…
and I thought to myself
“this addiction is bad”

“this really has to stop”
how did I not know
that after a hundred viagra’s
this erection won’t go…

#002 Banana

bent, not broken
all is still well
never on pizza
as Italians will tell
now just peel me
and bid me farewell

#001 KartBael

There once was a guy from Genk
who everyone thought was dank
we recorded some clips
then gave him some tips
and now he’s more Ratchet than Clank